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Beginning Investors – Listen To The Real Estate Pros September 3, 2008

Posted by minnesotarealty in MN Realty.
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No matter where you are, you will always find people who are pessimistic about money. They will claim that, since it “takes money in order to make money,” there is nothing the average person can do to better his or her financial situation. This kind of cynicism is, in fact, unwarranted, as there is no magical force field separating the world of the rich from that of the average Joe. You shouldn’t listen to the media alarmists and others who constantly claim that the sky is falling – if you listen to the right people, you will hear that anyone can develop the tools they need in order to make money.

It is a common misconception that today’s real estate market is in such an irreparably dire state that one would be a fool to start investing in properties. If this were true, however, why would people still be doing it? Minnesota real estate investors continue to make money every day; if you believe otherwise, you’ve simply been talking to the wrong people.

If this sounds easy, that’s because it is easy – what could be simpler than seeking out someone who has achieved success in the field of real estate investing, and asking him or her what strategies do and do not work. This really is something that absolutely anyone can do. So, you may ask, why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, there are two simple reasons that the vast majority of Americans aren’t out making their fortunes in property investing right now: first, they’ve been listening to the people who claim that making money is an impossible feat. If you’ve been hearing that you can never succeed for your entire life, it’s no wonder that you’re reluctant to try your hand.

They are paralyzed because they have been listening to the wrong people.

The other reason most people aren’t making a fortune on the real estate market, is that it’s just so simple. The people who find great success in property investing are the ones who learn a logical system and stick to it. A systematic approach is reliable, but it’s also dull, and that’s why so many people forego the obvious, proven methods of making money, and get tripped up on complex, esoteric moneymaking scams. These sorts of schemes may seem more fun and dramatic than gradually building wealth through proven methods, but the problem is that they simply do not work.

The media caters to those who want instant gratification and excitement. Think about it; when you pick up a newspaper, or turn on the television, the headlines of the day are invariably gruesome stories of death and destruction, and that’s because that’s what sells. It’s a strange quirk of human nature: the vast majority are all too willing to believe that the world is a harsh, cruel place, where one’s best efforts will always go unrewarded.

Fortunately, this destructive and self-defeating perspective is far from accurate.

If you can break the habit of thinking of life in tragic terms, of convincing yourself that there is simply not enough money to go around, then you will learn to start listening to the right people so you can develop your systematic plan for investing. And what does a systematic plan lead to? Financial success. We’ve established that the media and the majority of their audience are the wrong people to listen to, but who are the right people? The right people are those who have invested in property and profited significantly from those investments. People like me. Wouldn’t you rather listen to someone who can tell you how you can make money, rather than to people who insist on telling you how to stay poor?